New technologies

We offer new technical and technological solutions in various areas of industry. We combined the joint efforts of scientists working in the area of carbon nanoarmination and

fullerene technologies and engineers, embodying these studies into practical technologies and products ready for use in various industries.

Our products help to save the resources of our planet Earth, providing high anti-wear properties to parts and friction nodes, allow to save materials during construction, to preserve

people's health through small automation of the working process.

ResTech is:

· ArmActiv series, tribotechnical compositions working on carbon nanorarming technology, for increasing the life and optimization of friction processes in automobiles, construction

equipment, hydraulic machines, special machinery, machine tools and equipment, railway equipment

Dry mixtures of ready additives for the production of high-quality light structural concrete

High-quality oil-filled self-lubricating sliding bearings made by powder metallurgy with carbon nano-reinforcement

High-level contact inserts for trolley busbars made of composite materials made by powder metallurgy with carbon nanoarmination

Lifting devices of small mechanization of the FastLift series, facilitating loading and unloading operations.